Meal Calendar

And some advice about cooking for the camp...

Please consult the calendar to find a good day to bring a meal to camp. Please email to let us know that you will be coming, or if you have questions. Below the calendar are simple guidelines about how to cook for camp. Thank you!

How to Cook for Camp

  • Please cook for about 30 people, i.e. 2 large pans of casserole or 3 gallons of soup. The current population at camp is about 45, but not everyone is in camp at dinner-time every day.
  • Foil pans are a great way to deliver food because they're inexpensive, you can cook in them, and you can leave them at camp.
  • Meat is very much prized. Protein foods in general are scarce and therefore highly valued: meat, cheese, and milk top the list. Beans – though a legitimate source of protein – are so pervasive in a low-budget diet that they are generally less favored.
  • Please note that our residents may have dental problems due to inadequate preventative care. All foods should be cooked until tender. Raw salad – though healthy – is not popular because of chewing problems! Vegetables cooked tender are very popular.
  • Anything you do will be most appreciated. Even if you do not have a complete meal for 30 people, your contribution will go into the kitchen tent to be combined with other foods.

A "full-size foil steam table pan" is a great choice for delivering food. They can be had for 78¢ at Cash and Carry.

To sign up to cook a meal or to get more information,