How You Can HELP

And why you should...


When you contribute to Camp Second Chance, you are helping to provide bedding, clothing, food, and light – the fundamentals of stable human life. The City provides the infrastructure for the camp such as utilities, and basic sanitation and kitchen supplies – but everything else is the responsibility of the camp itself. The camp leadership distributes resources fairly and carefully to those people who are most in need.

Your material support enables something even more important: a sense of community. To be homeless is to be alone, isolated, cut off from human relationships. The community of the camp provides a sense of belonging, as well as the responsibility to live and work with other people. It's a point of reentry into society, a refuge from chaos, and an anchor in a turbulent world.

Doesn't the City pay for this camp?

The City pays only part of the cost of operating Camp Second Chance. The contract provided by the Human Services Department pays for: utilities (electricity, water, portable toilets, and garbage service), case management (one full-time caseworker), and some basic supplies (like toilet paper, paper plates, and plastic silverware). LIHI donates some houses as well as Alki UCC and Sound Foundations NW which are built with donated materials and labor with the residents. Also Fauntleroy church who leases the land from the city of Seattle for Camp Second Chance.

Some residence have income, either from working a job or from disability or other payments from the government. This is enough to buy some groceries, personal supplies, and clothing, at least at the beginning of the month. It's enough to pay for the bus and for an inexpensive cell-phone. It's not enough to pay rent on an apartment. If residence are diligent, they can set aside a little bit of money in savings, in preparation for moving out of camp into housing.

Needs List

  • Clothing - Clean usable clothing, (75% of our residents are men) all sizes socks, shoes, winter wear (gloves, hats, coats ,sweaters, and thermal underwear!

  • Camping Supplies - Blankets and sleeping bags, 12 x 12. 55 gallon trash bags, batteries (aaa ,aa ,c,d). Also foot and hand warmers

  • Hygiene & Cleaning Products - Tooth Brushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, foot powder, razors, shaving cream, shampoo and conditioners, feminine products, first aid products such as pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, bandages, and cold relief, (non-alcoholic cough syrup only, please!!!) Bleach, Simple Green, Toilet paper, Paper towels, thermometers & Lysol disinfectant spray

  • Kitchen Supplies - Paper products (plates, cups, towels, tissue, etc.), plastic wrap, Ziplock bags, plastic rodent proof containers (4-quart to 35-gallon size), hand sanitizer and hand soap, Lysol or Clorox disinfecting wipes, sponges, canned foods like chili, beef stew, soup of all kinds (single portion size is best), coffee, tea, honey, sugar, and creamer.

  • Office Supplies - Ink for HP OFFICE JET PRO 952 XL Pack with (blue, yellow, red, and black), copy paper, ink pens, 1-subject notebooks (standard size), stapler and staples, highlighters, and permanent markers.